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I try to imagine, to think and to act
and there's not much I can come up with, just like that.
So I take my time and overtime I produce something new.
I'm proud of it because I didn't just make it for me, I made it for you.
People say actions speak louder than words but that doesn't count for phones
because you can't see what I'm doing and no-body else knows
and it's easier to lie when someone can't see your face
and it's easier to insult someone and call them a disgrace
when you don't think about repercussions, about feelings and love.
But what if a push came to a shove?
Would you tell me how you really feel or would you just lie as usual?
Would you blow it way out of proportion and say my actions were inexcusable?
It doesn't matter anyway because you don't care what I think, nobody does.
They don't care about what I am now. Only what I was.
People always remember the little things about you that you don't like
and they'll take those memories and feelings and stab them though you like a spike.
I think too much about these things and I always worry.
It's like, when I try to be confident my mind goes all blurry.
This is a pretty terrible way of portraying my emotion.
You may not be sure what I'm talking about, or even have the slightest notion.
But when I wish to achieve something I have my mind set,
although maybe I should find a better outlet.
I'm not sure where the sweet is but there's definitely a lot of bitter.

If you liked it be sure to tell me in the comments, even watch me if you'd like to see more.
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February 14, 2013
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